assembled wardrobes

  • Corner Assembled Flat Pack Wardrobes Unit

    Corner Assembled Flat Pack Wardrobes Unit

    The flat pack wardrobes are built into the wall and have a lot of storage space within. The pure white leather design door panel is trendy and exquisite, displaying life's noble and refined taste. The flat pack wardrobes hierarchy is enhanced by the side-hung door design, the natural texture color of walnut wood is natural and simple, and the corner ornamental cabinet is utilitarian and practical. The flat pack wardrobes embedded in the wall blend in seamlessly with the bedroom. The combination of modest shutters and four-leaf clover carvings emanates a youthful and beautiful minor bourgeoisie lifestyle.

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  • Single White Beech Ready Assembled Wardrobe

    Single White Beech Ready Assembled Wardrobe

    The single white wardrobe's personality-filled design and push-type opening system make it a practical and efficient choice. Storage is made simpler by the bottom drawer and the great capacity of the top design. Tatami mats are used to create a storage area under the bed, and the desk cabinets and single white closet are integrated into the design to maximize space. A single white wardrobe perfectly illustrates its noble and refined nature. According to the requirements of clothes, the cloakroom is created, and the functional areas are logically placed for simple access.

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