Allure Qingyuan Fogang Company Tour


From August 11th to 12th, 2019, all employees of Allure carried out the Qingyuan Fogang outdoor team building and expansion activity with the theme of "Cohesion and unity to win the future." A bridge of trust, solidarity and cooperation, and fostering team awareness, thereby increasing employees' sense of responsibility.

On the morning of August 11th, a group of people rushed to Qingyuan Fogang to start a two-day tour of team building. As a well-known tourist destination, Fogang attracts many tourists with an original ecological environment that is ecological, leisure, and close to nature. It makes people unconsciously indulge in this "paradise" away from the city. Arrive at noon to enjoy the famous Qingyuan chicken feast and go to the long-awaited Country Garden Villa to experience the feeling of "giving you a five-star home".

Qingyuan Fogang Company Tour

During the period of enjoying leisure and relaxation, colleagues and employees have unknowingly increased the cohesion and harmony of the team through PK singing and games with each other. On the second day, we bid farewell to Country Garden Villa and came to the climax of this group building-Huangtengxia Rafting Holy Land. The Huangtengxia Scenic Area is rated as the most attractive, exciting and fun rafting raft in China by the tourism industry. It has received unanimous praise from all travel companions and the majority of tourists, and was named the "king of rafting". On the way, everyone laughed and laughed, the atmosphere was active, and they were intoxicated in the beautiful scenery of the journey.

Qingyuan Fogang Company Tour

Through this tourism activity, everyone can indulge in the mountains and waters while traveling healthily, temporarily forgetting the tension of work, and can enjoy the joy and pleasure of traveling, which not only eases the pressure of usual work, but also cultivates sentiment and improves self-cultivation , Which in turn increases the cohesive force of the company's employees, fully demonstrates the company's team spirit, and more reflects the company's team culture, and will be more full of enthusiasm for future work and study.

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